Richard Dwayne Blair’s Financial Planning Three Pillars Approach

With his long-term experience in the investment market, Richard Dwayne Blair believes that there are three pillars which determine the success of financial planning. This Three Pillar approach will ensure that you have a comprehensive financial plan in place. Mr. Blair’s pillars take into account the retirement needs of the client in comparison with their current financial situation when developing a financial plan.

The first pillar

Blair’s first financial planning pillar covers the structuring of a financial roadmap for the client. At this stage, the goals, risk tolerance, opportunities for growth and strength of a client are analyzed. Richard uses this pillar in his financial planning for his clients to pave the way for good business relations. Being able to understand the individual concerns and goals of a client helps him establish clear expectations for the specific client.

The second pillar

Developing an optimized investment strategy that will work well for a long time is the primary purpose of the second pillar. Here, Richard Dwayne Blair advises that an investment strategy be customized to fit the client’s investment goals. He adds that during this customization, it’s essential for you to consider the liquidity of the investment.

The third pillar

The third pillar is all about insuring the financial plan that you have in place. In the world of business, you can never be so sure about tomorrow. For this reason, Richard advice that any comprehensive financial plan should have room for insurance to protect the client’s investments.

About Blair

Richard Dwayne Blair is a Finance and Financial Management Services Bachelor’s Degree holder from the University of Houston. He also has a Retirement Income Certified Professionals certification. Today, Richard works at Wealth Solutions as a Registered Investment Advisor. He joined this investment advisory firm in June 2012. Apart from being an investment planning expert, Richard is also an insurance expert. At this firm, he helps numerous clients – both corporate and individuals- through their investment planning. He is well respected in the business circles as he has one of the most excellent investment planning records in the industry. Moreover, Mr. Blair is also a member of ThinkAdvisor.

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