Sam Tabar Joins The Growing List of THINX Investors

Sam Tabar is known as a prominent attorney and a strategist, with names like LLP Roth & Zabel, Meagher & Flom, Slater, Arps and Skadden on his curriculum vitae. Now, however, the attorney has invested in THINX. This company was started using crowdfunding and a massive kickstarter campaign but would definitely find its wings now that Sam Tabar is on board.

Started by two women, Miki and Antonia, THINX hopes to do its bit toward women empowerment on a global scale. The company is specialized in making fashionable and chic undergarments and part of the proceeds would be used for buying reusable sanitary pads for women in Africa and America.

In Uganda and other African countries, women who are working or studying have to take a day off because of menstruation, since they don’t have the means and facilities to buy sanitary pads. With THINX’s initiative, 7 such pads (AFRIpads) would be given to women in Africa so that they can go about their daily business without any worries. This initiative is ingenious in itself and Sam Tabar too believes in it, and this is why he has decided to invest in THINX. The pads sent would be made from cloth and would be completely washable and reusable for the women.

Speaking to Herald Online, Tabar commended THINX on its out of the box thinking, dynamic company design and great motto. The Oxford and Columbia Law School graduate also added that this initiative was great because people’s own purchases were used for doing something good in the world.

The website of THINX comes with a manifesto that customers can read and sign. It would be a small thing to do for empowering women in Africa and supporting them through these hard times. THINX is changing minds and Sam Tabar is happy to be a part of the revolution. You can connect with Sam Tabar via LinkedIn here.

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