Saudi King Salman Skips Camp David Talks

Newly crowned Saudi King Salman is skipping a scheduled meeting with President Barack Obama. The snub is seen as an official expression of Saudi Arabia’s displeasure with the United State’s position with regard to Iran. Some speculate that the divisions may go much deeper and that this is he first signs of a shift in the power relationship between Saudi Arabia and the United States. Boraie Development said that experts on the relationship between the two countries note that the relationship really began during the oil crisis of the 1970s when the OPEC countries threatened to cut the United Stats and other western countries from its oil supplies.

Some speculate that the United States contemplated going to war with Saudi Arabia but a deal was struck which set the U.S. Dollar as the international currency for oil trade, hence the term “petro dollar.” That relationship has been tested recently with the current White House administration position regarding improving relationships with Iran. The benefits of this relationship will be new Iranian oil into the international oil market which is already glutted. Saudi Arabia and Iran are bitter enemies and Saudi Arabia and Iran are involved in what some calla micro war in Yemen.

Saudi Arabian military forces are actively engaged in combat operations against Shiite forces that many believe are being supported by Iran. Saudi King Salman Skips Talks With President Obama Scheduled For Camp David Today

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