Senator John McCain Willing to Help Obama Close Guantanamo Bay Detention Center

Senator John McCain is willing to help President Obama close down the Guantanamo Bay detention center which houses enemy combatants captured as part of the War on Terror. At issue is the enemy combatants are acting on behalf of any legally recognized nation; they are terrorists. The Bush administration did not want them brought to American soil and be given due process rights.

President Obama believes that the terror camp inspires foreigners to engage in murderous activity. The presumption is that if the base is closed, prospective terrorist will have one less item motivating them to enter a life of violence. However, the GOP has blocked the president’s efforts to close the base including defunding the placement of foreign prisoners on American soil.

Now, Senator John McCain, who relishes his role as a maverick against his own party, has announced that he would be willing to break GOP opposition to closing the detainee camp. He says that what is needed is for President Obama to devise a clear strategy for how to handle detainees deemed too violent to release. McCain explained that back in 2009, President Obama was unwilling to specify what he would do with such prisoners. That figure represents the same recidivism rate for the American prison population returning to a life of crime upon release-interesting facts from


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