Sergey Petrossov Creates a Company that is Changing the Private Jet Travel Industry


Those who are familiar with the world of private travel might have already heard of JetSmarter and Sergey Petrossov. His young company has taken the industry by the horns and turned it on its head. In just a short time, his company has already ballooned into a company that is worth in excess of $1 billion. Furthermore, his company has attracted investments from some significant names such as Jay-Z and the Saudi Royal Family. Clearly, Sergey Petrossov’s ingenuity is paying off in spades. His company has opened the floodgates in the world of private travel and started a ball rolling that cannot be stopped. He has done this by changing the way people book private planes, exploiting an opening in the industry.

About ten years ago, Sergey Petrossov flew on a private plane for the first time. When most people set foot on a private plane, they are floored by the luxury. Sergey Petrossov was floored by something else. He could not believe how hard it was to book a private jet. People had to physically call someone and request a flight. Then, they needed to sign some physical papers before their plane was ready to go. To him, this process seemed archaic and needed to be changed. That is where his company, JetSmarter, got its start.


This entire process spurred Sergey Petrossov to found his company. His business has been compared to Uber; however, this is more of a “black car” or “white jet” service. His business is centered around a mobile app that allows people to book a private flight from their smart device. By using this app, people no longer have to physically call someone to book a private flight. Now, his company has ballooned in value and employs hundreds of people. It also has thousands of loyal members and is primed to continue its growth in the future.

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