Solo Capital and Sanjay Shah’s Next Level Investing Strategy

When it comes to the world of finances there are a lot of questions that people need to deal with. The important thing to remember, however, is that if everyone is playing the same game when it comes to investments, then there is only a limited ability to get ahead and to pull away from the rest of the pack. After all, if you are trying to do exactly what everyone else is doing and then you are expecting different results, isn’t that almost the definition of insanity? The key is to take a step back and understand the markets better than anyone else. By doing that then you will be able to actually see where everyone else is going to go and then adjust your plans so you can do things differently and beat them to the punch.

This concept has been outlined and modeled perfectly by Sanjay Shah and it was how he built Solo Capital from the ground up. The key wasn’t to do what everyone else was, the key was to make an organization that focused on being differnet in each and every possible way. For the most part you would think that investing was a simple science, but it couldn’t be further from the truth. There are a significant amount of strategies to choose from when it comes to investing, and there are also a tremendous amount of people who want to continue pushing you into more. More money down, more options, more risk, and more stress on you overall will wind up sounding like many financial advisers in practice but not what they should be in theory.

Sanjay Shah designed Solo Capital to be different, however, and that means it is important to put the client first. People who understand that customers truly want service in this day and age will absolutely start to understand just why the investors who are able to connect with and understand their clients needs will get ahead. In the long run, you will not only be able to get ahead by using Sanjay Shah’s strategy of putting the customer and the customer’s needs first (even if it means not being profitable for the adviser), but you will be able to keep people happier and keep them around longer.

Investment advisers not only need to find people that they can trust, but they want to find people who they can trust for a long period of time. While the old advice of “throw as much money as you can into your retirement,” might seem like a great saying, but you also need to think about where the real advice starts and what the real answers should be. Solo Capital uses Sanjay Shah’s model of figuring out what those answers are on the individual level.


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