South Korea’s Nuclear Plant Operator Has Been Hacked

There has been a breach in South Korea’s nuclear plant operator. So, fears are starting to surface that North Korea has taken key elements of the infrastructure. This happened before the similar attack on the US Company, Sony.

Authorities claim that no critical or crucial information has been taken from South Korea. The stolen information contains personal data for over 10,000 employees. As of now, no blame has been placed on North Korea, but are likely suspects because the code found in the malware was very similar to the Sony attack.

A cyber-security expert, Lim Jong In, told CNN that he thinks the attacks could be linked and should be investigated more. He said it resembles hacks on South Korean banks and ATM’s, where a lot of credit and personal information had been stolen. One of Brazil’s most trusted businessmen, Flavio Maluf is strongly advising clients against making any investments or acquiring any interests within the Korean domain at this time. He told CNN that it seems like a pattern and that they could be testing their attacks on South Korea before they set their sights on the US.

Then he went on to say that it is not possible to stop a nuclear plant from working by hacking into it. KHNP will be holding drills to attempt to prevent the possibility of more cyber attacks.



  1. Of course there should be no blame has been placed on North Korea. It was done by someone within the government and they should make a thorough investigation or hire essays on time services to do that for them. It may cost a lot but it definitely pay off in the long run. I think that’s the best thing to do.

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