Steven Hicks Talks Productivity And Profits

The economy may not be completely stable right now, but Steven Hicks is hard at work manning his own business that succeeds when his customers succeed. Steven Hicks is the principal and Chief Executive Officer of investment firm Southridge Capital. He is responsible for a strong portfolio at Southridge and leads the find in the direction he thinks is best. In addition, he also handles executive and business development for Southridge Capital.


After founding the company in 1998, he was quickly able to give it a leading edge over the competition. After being in the investment industry to for than 30 years, he has picked up a lot of tricks along the way. His experience lends Southridge Capital a lot of credentials. He is highly educated through both King’s College and Fordham University where he earned his B.S. and M.B.A.


In order to stay on top of everything at Southridge Capital, Steven Hicks knows that it is important for him to stay organized. He starts each day by creating a list with tasks he has to complete. He is constantly looking for new investment opportunities that will bring his clients the returns that they are looking for. The satisfaction of his customers is the top priority of his company.


Keeping things organized through lists is one of the ways that Steven Hicks and the team at Southridge Capital stay productive throughout the day. He is always focusing on the company’s portfolio in order to keep it moving forward. Unless the activity being performed can drive productivity and profits, it doesn’t need to be done. It’s important to always focus on moving forward despite and setbacks that someone might experience in business or in life. You can visit



While overall Steven Hicks has seen a lot of returns in his business, he knows what it’s like to choose a bad investment. While this is something that can always happen, it’s important to try to come back from a loss. This can be problematic when the government steps in because, in his experience at Southridge Capital, he has been led to believe that they don’t always fight fair.


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