Stylish Leather is the Great Alternative to Alligator Shoes

Men who really want to make an impression are likely to spare no expense on their footwear. Certain styles of dress shoe are fantastic for going out and about on the town. Among the classic looks of all-time is the brilliance found in alligator shoes. Men who want to capture the elegance of years past with a modern flair might find nothing tops alligator shoes. The only sticking point here is budget. Alligator shoes are not exactly inexpensive. The shoes may cost upwards of $2,000 to $3,000 per pair. Sadly, that makes these types of shoes way out of reach of many consumers. There are, thankfully, a nice-looking italian shoes available on the market that make for fine “almost alligator” wear.

Paul Evans has some wonderful leather shoes that really capture the amazing sense of style a number of men look for and find elusive. The Martin Wholecut and the Brando Semi-Brogue Oxford are two specific shoe selections that are absolutely incredible. The look of these shoes presents a sophisticated elegance while still maintaining expert durable stitching and construction.

Anyone who wears shoes like this is going to really feel like something special. Who says alligator shoes are necessary to be the toast of the town? Quality leather shoes made in an artistic manner can deliver very similar results thanks to their brilliant style.

Wearing shoes this super-cool looking and stylish does more than help make a fashion statement. Incredible selections of shoes help with creating an image. The shoes someone chooses fills out an overall outfit that leads to creating a desirable and vaunted impression. The only way to really look sophisticated and debonair is to select shoes that contribute to such a sometimes elusive image. Generic dress shoes may be fine, but fine is really the best that can be said about them.

The shoes won’t do any harm to an appearance, but they won’t have the really powerful effect really stunning ones. Making a tremendous impression on others when out dining and dancing on the town is a far better result that just looking okay. Never aim for “okay”. Always try for the best. The best men’s shoes help with this cause.

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