Sudan’s Leader Escapes Arrest Warrant

South Africa is under fire for allowing the head of Sudan, Omar Al Bashir, leave the country, even while an international warrant for his arrest was being issued. Sudan President Escapes International Arrest Warrant By Fleeing South Africa The Sudanese leader is charged with various war crimes for his part in the civil war between Sudan and South Sudan. Bashir was attending a summit for African leaders in South Africa when he received news of the pending warrant. Bashir and his staff were allowed to leave South Africa because the warrant had not been officially issued and under international law, South Africa had no right or power to detain the leader from leaving.

Many have criticized South Africa’s lack of action but international law experts state that South Africa simply followed the law and to do otherwise would have established a dangerous precedent which could backfire against its leaders visiting other countries. Boraie Development LLC writes that Bashir is believed to be at his home base in Sudan and it is unclear what next steps can be taken by the international community to submit Bashir to the arrest warrant according to Press of Atlantic City. Military options to forcibly remove him are not deemed to be viable options and many believe that Bashir will simply ignore the warrant and avoid traveling to countries that would agree to detain him for international officials. Many thousands have died or suffered as a result of the Sudan war with South Sudan.

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