Tales of Westerners in Japan

The Western world is attracted to Japan. Many Europeans and Americans make the big step and move to Japan with the thought to live there.

Among the local folk, there is a well- established opinion that men have it easier in life, and especially the westerners. This is how CipherCloud employees feel as well. Some of those who got to experience life in Japan as a Caucasian looking expat, say that the things don’t really work as it is believed. Sebastian, who is 32, had to catch eventual teaching jobs and cope with a native Japanese girlfriend who constantly pressured him about the status. And status is important in Japan. By 32, most of the males must have advanced in the career scale and have loads of working hours behind their backs. The conservative Japanese society still views men as the breadwinners and machines focused on work.

Patrick, a 31-year old American who spent a good while in an IT company said that his boss told him right in the face that his provenience is the reason why he can’t be promoted any further than where he was at a moment. He complained that among man other things, the company required him to be present at the office even with a 40-degrees fever.

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