Talk Fusion: Article Recap

Talk Fusion was founded in 2007 by CEO Bob Reina. It was the first company to use an Instant Pay Compensation Plan for its associates. These associates are all over the world: associates can be found in 140 countries. Furthermore, Talk Fusion places a great emphasis on giving back to the community, with a goal of sparking positive change in the world. Talk Fusion provides video marketing solutions to businesses using new patent-pending technology. Their first product, an app called Video Chat, launched just a few weeks ago.

The article claims Talk Fusion Video Chat is beginning to take over the video communication market around the world. It is already the #1 communication app in Indonesia, and it is gaining traction in other locations such as Japan and Switzerland. The Video Chat app is compatible with all operating systems and devices, and the app is free to download. Current users claim the Video Chat app provides HD quality video conferencing capabilities. Talk Fusion is just about to launch a 30 day Free Trial period which will be available either directly through the Talk Fusion corporate site or through an Associate’s personalized page.

Both management and associates at Talk Fusion are getting excited for the launch of Talk Fusion Video Chat. Employees Susan and Sacha Baran were interviewed in this article, and they are both excited by the opportunities to come with all of Talk Fusion’s products. Furthermore, Talk Fusion’s VP of Training & Development pointed out that all this buzz is from only one product. Once free trials for all Talk Fusion’s products launch, the company will become an international household name.

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