The growth oriented Nobilis Health Corp.

Nobilis Health Corporation, formerly Northstar Healthcare is Canadian company that focuses on collaborating with physicians in offering ambulatory and management services in ambulatory surgical centers. The incorporation of the company was in 2007 and it has grown to have at least three hundred and twenty two full time employees that oversee its operations. As part of its operations, the company owns and manages ambulatory surgery centers and health care providing facilities across the USA. Nobilis has a number of subsidiaries that include Spring Northwest Operating LLC, Spring Northwest Management LLC, GRIP Medical Diagnostics LLC, and Willowbrook Imaging LLC. The geographic areas that this healthcare giant operates expansively are in Texas, Arizona and Dallas within the United States.

Other facilities owned and managed by Nobilis are in Scottsdale with the company having contractual partnerships with facilities in New Jersey, Michigan, Oregon, and Minnesota. The acquisition of First Nobilis Hospital in 2014 affirmed the company’s strong record of the accomplishment or organic growth. Other significant acquisitions made during the same year include that of Athas Health and the former Freedom Pain Hospital that served as major milestones. In terms of leadership, Harry Joseph Fleming is the President, Chairman of the Board, and Secretary of Nobilis health, which he runs alongside a list of several other directors. Christopher Lloyd is the Chief Executive Officer while Kenny Klein is the company’s Chief Financial Officer and Chief Accounting Officer.

On the contrary, the company’s focus is on the improvement of access to healthcare and patient outcomes through the application of low cost and minimal invasive procedures. Marketing is a core practice for this health care provider as it utilizes both traditional and modern marketing tools to reach out to their target markets. The traditional media applied in creating patient awareness and education by the company includes radio, television and print medias. On the contrary, Nobilis utilizes innovative marketing mediums in reaching out to their target markets through social media platforms and other online-related tools.

The service revenue obtained by the company has always been high irrespective of the increasing operational and administrative expenses that the company attracts on an annual basis. Based on the financial statements that the company has continued to issue through its press releases, the outlook seems to be bright with the expectations for improved performance being high. Despite the market uncertainties anticipated, this health care provider is hopeful that these challenges would not deter its future performance.

Being marketing and healthcare facility management firm, this company has made various investments aimed at addressing its indebtedness in support of its growth strategies. One such deal was the debt financing of GE Capital, which was to provide a fresh way for revolving working capital for the business and minimize borrowing. The stock performance Nobilis is relatively stable with its stocks trading at market worthy prices hence indicating its market stability. The company does not seem to back out on its strategy of becoming the number one healthcare management facility that offers its services at pocket friendly prices to their clients. Based on this, Nobilis seems to be navigating the healthcare waters with relative ease as per its financial and stock market performances.

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