The Important Goals Messages And Ideals Of Avaaz

The rain was no barrier to activists celebrating the election results in France. This marked the anniversary of the victory achieved in World War II in 1945. The assembly took place at the Eiffel Tower and included an 88 year old survivor of the concentration camp in Auschwitz. The Avaaz activists received encouragement from Elie Buzyn regarding their efforts to stop extremism and the election of their new president.

Buzyn remembers when the German forces surrendered. He can recollect when his family was sent to the Auschwitz camp in 1944 because they were Jewish. At the time he was a terrified boy of fifteen. Buzyn was moved to a different camp prior to the arrival of the Russians. Three months after he reached Buchenwald the war ended and he was released. He searched for his family in France and it became his home. He went back to school and became a doctor.

Marine Le Pen was an extremist presidential candidate but the voters support went to Emmanuel Macron. Macron opposed Le Pen and the right wing National Front Party. Despite the lack of anti-Semitic comments the goals of the group are still the prohibition of almost all immigration, the construction of more prisons and the hiring of more police.

At the celebration the Avaaz activists had signs expressing racial intolerance. Flags of the European Union and France were carried as well. They talked about vigilance, unity and peace. Several nations were represented by activists. Buzyn reminded the people the importance of remaining involved.

Avaaz is headquartered in New York City but their campaigns are worldwide. Their name means voice in many languages and their members number over 40 million in almost 200 nations. Their staff speaks fifteen languages necessary for communication. Avaaz was established ten years ago and their efforts have since been published in magazines.

The prime focus of Avaaz is on animal rights, economic issues, armed conflicts and climate change. They are the protectors of internet censorship and honeybees. They send important messages and make financial contributions to highly worthwhile causes.

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