The Man of Many Talents, Glen Wakeman

With the deep intellect from attending the University of Chicago and graduating with a Master of Business Administration degree, Glen Wakeman has risen to become a financial and business titan of industry. Glen has worked in over 30 countries, while living in six and has managed over 15 billion dollars in assets when spending time at GE Capital. While working with GE Capital, Glen was working in England where he eventually became the General Director of GE Capital, Global Insurance Ventures. While in the UK, Glen was able to raise the level of income from $2 million to over $3 billion in assets. While this is impressive, to say the least, Glen had an even bigger project and success story as his final position with GE was the Chief Executive Officer of GE Money Latin America ( After building a nine-country operation, GE Money Latin America had assets worth $12 billion with an annual revenue of $100 million supporting a company workforce of 17,000 employees.


The Successful Life of Glen Wakeman

Having his hand in many different operations, Glen has had experience in startups, acquisitions, mergers, downsizing, new market entry and so much more. Glen is currently the co-founder of Launchpad Holdings, a software as a service business that helps entrepreneurs get off the ground by providing online business planning services. Glen also blogs about the business world, current global affairs, and management. Management is one the key items that have to be on a company’s radar and Glen have mastered this craft of effective management by knowing how to delegate and how to utilize the resources available to you in the more efficient manner to bring success to any entrepreneur. Some of the recent and sensible advice from Glen on his blog is to gather data and educate yourself on the subjects you need to master, create upsides by using your imagination to craft solutions that are practical and identify downsides.


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