The New Software Platform Solvy

Alexei Beltyukov is one of the brightest names in the philanthropy world. He started out as an extremely skilled entrepreneur and he has opened several different companies, including A-Ventures, Endemic Capital, and New Gas Technologies. He has also headed up several philanthropies and he cares deeply about the future of the world. One great philanthropic work is his establishment of a Russian Alumni Scholarship at INSEAD. Alexei has left his mark on the world, and he recently started a new business called SOLVY.

Math is an incredibly difficult subject for many people. The subject is packed with complexities and many people simply cannot keep up. High school students are known to stay up for hours trying to get their math homework done. Several companies have tried to ease the burden on high school teachers and students, but most of these efforts have failed. People around the country are clamoring for a homework helper that will help them reach new heights as mathematics. Alexei recently unveiled SOLVY and he hopes this new tool will change the way people think about mathematics education.

SOLVY is a space for online homework aimed at high school students. The system generates homework problems according to set parameters. This system allows teachers to create customized learning opportunities for each student. Practice is vital for mathematical growth, but until recently it was very difficult for teachers to provide their students with the proper practice. SOLVY realizes that growing as a mathematician requires that you actually work the problem out by hand and entering the actual answer. There are no multiple choice questions on SOLVY, so each problem is an authentic mathematics experience.

Alexei Beltyukov is extremely enthusiastic about the SOLVY. He believes that SOLVY will eventually become a household name in mathematics education. He wants it to be easy for teachers to check their students’ progress, so they can give them the feedback they need. He is truly committed to the success of SOLVY.

Mathematics education is a major issue in the United States, and SOLVY could make a major difference for students everywhere. The program is already receiving rave reviews, and other teachers should check it out.

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