The Path to Greatness, Bruce Levenson

Bruce Levenson is a well-known business person and philanthropist. Bruce and his lovely wife Karen have been involved business persons so to say. Bruce and his lovely wife Karen have been involved in countless pursuits of helping disadvantaged youth obtain higher education. They have founded many different programs to help facilitate higher education. Programs such as the Seed School, the Bringing the Lessons Home program that is out of the United States Holocaust Museum, the I have a Dream program as well as the Peace Players program.

Over 40 Years of Expierence
Bruce Levenson of prnewswire is no stranger to the business world. As an entrepreneur and successful business owner and journalist, Bruce has global endeavors that range from cooking technology and sports all the way to business intellect. He co-founded United Communications Group. United Communications Group provides data and solutions for energy customers, Healthcare, information and software, government contracting, Telecom, banking, and technology. After 40 years, Bruce has made an art out of philanthropy. Constantly looking to better the world around him and leave his mark as a great thinker and an avid doer.

Education Has Always Been Bruce’s Mission
In 1971, Bruce received his Bachelor of Arts in political science from Washington University located in St Louis. In 1977 was when he started United Communications Group. As of 2004 Bruce Levinson purchase the Atlanta Hawks LLC. You may remember this from we visit the Atlanta Hawks took to the national Holocaust Museum located in Washington DC. No matter how you take a look at it, Bruce Levenson has left a mark that will help to define the future and change the world as we know it.

It All Starts With Somebody, Somewhere
Bruce also has created an addition to the University of Maryland. This edition consists of a dorm room where 60 students can live together who are like-minded and focused on nonprofit management and philanthropy. Students coming from these programs are in high demand for other non-profits in the Washington DC area such as the Marriott Foundation and the Smithsonian Institution. This program has been a success and in 2016 will be expanding overseas to China.

A reputation That Exceeds Itself
Bruce has a reputation for making positive things happen. The National Holocaust Museum in Washington DC is proof of what one person can accomplish with dedication and devotion.
Taking the world around you and making it a safer and better place is something we can all learn from the actions of Bruce Levenson.Setting an example for others to follow leaving a path of greatness behind him.If you have not had a chance to check out any of his great programs then make it a point to do so today. Bruce Levenson is truly an inspiration to us all.

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