The Present Life of Jose Auriemo Neto of JHSF

The Brazilian brothers Fabio and Jose Auriemo founded the construction company JHS in 1972, but separated it into two independent companies in 1995 following a strong disagreement. Fabio took sole leadership of the real estate development company now known as JHSF. The brothers have since reconciled but have maintained completely separate companies. It was about this same time that Fabio’s son, Jose, became involved with the company. He would later be instrumental in helping lead JHSF into the luxury retail sector.

The company’s first foray into this world was construction and operation of the massive shopping complex, Shopping Cidade Jardim. He has expanded the company’s reach outside of Brazil in Uruguay and the U.S. Jose is married to Mariana Landmann Auriemo, with whom he has two children. They presently live in a large, posh apartment in the Cidade Jardim complex. Jose rarely ever takes a vacation. When he does, much to his wife’s chagrin he usually uses much of it to build business contacts. When he is at home, in his rare spare time he loves to play golf. Jose works every day of the week. He usually uses Sundays to helicopter around looking for prospective sites to develop new projects.

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