The Rocketship Education Program Continues to Provide Students with Brighter Futures

What started as an educational program among some charter schools in California has now become on of the most sought after programs for high-quality education. Rocketship Education is built on the belief that every child can succeed. This is an important philosophy to have when meeting the needs of students who come from low-income backgrounds. Not only have the charter schools within the Rocketship network been able to bring high-quality education to students who sometimes live below the poverty level, but they have helped them to create brighter futures. After only their first year of operation, the students in these charter schools have surpassed the math and reading skills of their peers who attend schools outside the Rocketship network.

The unique dynamic of the Rocketship program is what allows it to create better connections between teachers, parents and students. Teachers are often screened by the parents of students attending the charter school they wish to be employed at. In some cases, parents will believe the attitude or personal goals of a qualified teacher are not in keeping with the objectives they want for their children. By allowing parents to have input into what type of educators will teach their children, the educational staff has become more aligned to the central goals of the program. Rocketship Education also encourages parents to take an active role within their communities to bring about the type of educational changes they would like to see all students receive.

The success of the Rocketship program is evident in the futures of the students who were enrolled at the beginning of the network’s launch. Many of these students have not only graduated from high school, but have also become enrolled in college. This evidence has spurred parents in communities outside the state of California to call for an increase in the number of Rocketship charter schools in their area. Parents value the input they have within the school’s program, as do the educators and students. A recent project sponsored by the Rocketship network showcased the gratitude students felt for their teachers with simple statements written on sheets of paper.

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