Todd Lubar, Real Estate Mogul Inspiring Entrepreneurs Achieve their Dreams

Todd Lubar is an entrepreneur who started from the ground up to become the current

president of TDL GLOBAL VENTURES, LLC and the senior vice president of Legendary Investments.

The road for Todd as an entrepreneur was no different from all the other entrepreneurial leaders. Todd graduated with a Major in Speech communication from Syracuse University and he joined the corporate world in 1995.

Todd Lubar began working for Crestar Mortgage immediately after completing college. He joined Legacy Financial Group in Arlington, Texas, where he grew the Maryland office. In 2002, Mr. Lubar left to open a real estate firm, Legendary Properties, LLC. He eventually formed Legendary financial LLC after observing the markets for over twelve years. Legendary LLC was to be used as a commercial lending source for both individuals and companies.

According to Patch, Todd draws his inspiration from helping people to achieve their most ambitious dreams by getting rid of the many obstacles preventing them from getting approved loans.

Todd’s previous experience in the finance world and his expertise in the real estate development niche have connected him with the talented people to help build an empire.

Going over and above, paying attention to detail, knowing what goes on at all levels of the company and deploying his business skills with customers has given him incredible referrals which have built his business reputation.

His life accomplishments have stemmed from hard work and have enabled him to maintain his career momentum. Todd’s failures have taught him that if even if you get knocked down, you have to rise up the next day and just keep playing the game, but with a different approach. Staying down only diminishes your chances of being available when the new opportunities knock on your door.

Todd Lubar is an avid reader of business books in his spare time such as the “The Magic of Thinking Big” which helps him to keep high expectations for the future and hungry for success. His goal is to continue to better himself for tomorrow and add value to all people he interacts with at a variety of levels. You can follow him on Twitter.

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