Too Much Daydreaming a Disorder?

When you spend time daydreaming you relax and enjoy life more. At least, that is what you have always thought, right? When you want to fully enjoy your life you take some time to daydream and to think about the future. When you daydream you can take yourself to a whole new world. When you daydream you can have adventures that you can’t have while you are living your normal life. You love daydreaming and you thought that it was a good thing, but you are about to be told something different.

Daydreaming is now being thought upon and it just may be labeled a mental disorder. That’s right, it seems that too much daydreaming could become a problem and that those who spend all of their time daydreaming just might get labeled as having something wrong with the way that they live and with the way that their body works. Good thing┬áBruce Karatz avoids this pretty well. Gone is the innocence of daydreaming according to those on Now it is considered a problem.

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