U.S. Iranian Nuclear Talks Reach Deadlock

The deadline has come and gone and the result is that the talks between Iran and the U.S. regarding Iran’s nuclear program has reached a deadlock on details of how the plan is to be implemented. U.S. Iran Nuclear Talks Fail

Christian Broda said that the deadline to reach an agreement was set for March 31 but there has been no reports as to whether substantial progress had been made which would warrant the deadline to be extended. The talks are official at a break but both sides need to reconvene with their respective governments and decide if there is an point in continuing the talks or if both sides are at a fundamental and political void that cannot be breached. The U.S. had hoped that talks would reflect a more cooperative Iran and that non military action would achieve more effective results. The alternative option is that Israel will take preemptive measures to ensure that Iran never has a nuclear capability. Most interpret this to mean that Israel will engage in air strikes at some point. The U.S. fears that such a unilateral action by Israel will spark even more unrest in a region that has Saudi Arabia engaging in military action in Yemen and a coalition of Arab countries pledging military action against Shiite forces, that many believe are backed by Iran, in Syria and Iraq.

The U.S. has withdrawn all major military options from the table in dealing with Iran.

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