Understand The Small Differences Between Betting On NBA And College Basketball Games

The NBA and college basketball are relatively similar sports. They have the same number of players on the court and the same type of scoring systems. However, there are some subtle differences which can greatly impact the level of success that a gambler has on their bets.

It is important to remember that there are different things which impact the lines and different things that impact how the games themselves go. One major difference between college and the pros is the impact of home court advantage.

Most gamblers understand that playing at home is an advantage for any team. They do not have to endure the travel and potential jet lag that can come with playing away. Also, they have the backing of the fans who are in attendance which can be a real boost to momentum and maybe even carry them to victory. However, in the NBA the advantage of home court is just not as big. While it is still nice to play at home, in the NBA teams often play so many games so frequently that it is not as much of an advantage as you might think.

Covers.com, a great website to place a bet and to get more information about the gambling world of college basketball odds. There haveĀ also been notes that there is more emphasis on coaches at the college level than at the pros. Colleges may switch out coaches more frequently, and this can have an impact on the flow of games as well.

The players at the pro level are so talented that they alone can be worth quite a few points to the line in a given game. If the star of the team is out because of an injury or for some other reason, then Covers.com will note this and the bookmakers are likely to adjust the lines according. In fact, a single star player on a single team can be worth as much as 6 points to the line. That is just not the same at the college level where a single player may be worth at most only about 2 points to the line.

The college game is more of a team sport than the pros. Both levels of the sport have a team element to them, but the bookmakers know how important the all-stars are to the NBA level. As such, with these factors in mind you may be able to better place your bets at both the college and pro level.

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