Vijay Eswaran Career Details

Vijay Eswaran was given an award for his leadership and entrepreneurship skills at the Malaysian Education Summit. It is a unique award that recognized how Eswaran implemented innovated procedures to lead Quest International University Perak to new heights within three years. The university was expected to reach the 1,000 mark for the student population.

Eswaran was thrilled to get the award. He stated that the achievement wouldn’t be possible if he didn’t have his helpful teaching staff, dedicated council members, and the students. Everyone challenged Eswaran each day. As a result, he improved the way the university operated.

Eswaran was also excited to receive the award along with many other established individuals, such as Dato’ Peter. Peter is an educated entrepreneur who transformed the education district and has built various innovative educational facilities in Malaysia and in other locations around the world.

Eswaran is also a University Council Chairman at QIUP. However, he won the entrepreneurial award for displaying his great business and management skills. His professional education also helped him snag the award.

Because QIUP was lead by Eswaran, the company has grown quite quickly. It now has 20 unique programs, such as a post graduate program and a medicine program.

Information About The Company

QIUP was established in 2011; everyone who worked at the company during that time had a thirst for excellence. The company achieved many goals because the management team at the University had incredible courage.

Eswaran Career Achievements

Eswaran spoke at the summit as a panelist. The topic was called Transforming Malaysian Education. According to Eswaran, English language proficiency is the key to reshaping the education sector in Malaysian.

Currently, English proficiency in Malaysia is at a critical level. This is a big problem because conducting various activities without using proper English in the education sector is challenging.

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