What Kind of Wine Pairs With Artichokes?

If you are wondering such a thing, the key to pair wine with artichokes is to choose a wine that is bone dry, light and crisp, with high acidity and no oak. Although the two have been notoriously difficult to pair, Sarah Knoefler whom oversees a wine collection in San Francisco may have found some wines that go well with artichokes. Other wines that go well with different foods may be found here.

Flavors that dwell within the artichoke are herbal, green, and bitter chalkiness. Mrs. Knoefler included that one wine which pairs great with Artichokes would be a Basque varietal, named Txakoli. This Txakoli is a sparkling white wine which happens to be very dry with high acidity which also contains a great deal of minerality and salinity, making it a good match with the artichokes.

Other wines which could pair with an artichoke salad would be Fino Sherry which is a very dry and pale wine. The minerality and salinity pair well together with the earthiness of the artichokes and the vegetable-like quality of the salad. All in all, if you are looking to pair the two, they are not polar opposites, as all you have to do is choose a wine that is bone dry with good acidity and no oak! This is something Matt Landis and others suggest.

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