Why Jason Halpern is an Exceptional Real Estate Developer

Jason Halpern is a prominent figure in New York’s real estate development market. His name started gaining popularity in the real estate sector after assuming control of his family’s business, JMH Development, in 2010. The company boasts of about $500 million, which is invested in projects based in New York City.

Jason Involvement in Aloft South Beach


Jason, the Principal of JMH Development, was involved in leading JMH into announcing the topping off the Miami-based Aloft South Beach. The hotel, which was set to open its doors to the public at the beginning of 2015, boasts of about 235-rooms.The Aloft South Beach project involved both Madden Real Ventures and JMH Development. Apart from the adaptive reuse of the Motel Ankara, the project also involved the creation of a new eight-story tower.

JMH Development was best suited for the topping off of the hotel because of its well-established reputation in restoring historic structures. Jason Halpern viewed the topping off process as a key step in the construction process and one that ushered the start of a new phase. Apart from the serene environment presented by the beach, Aloft South Beach is coupled with waterfront areas that provide access to Collins Canal and the Lake Pancoast.


Jason Halpern

Jason Halpern is the managing partner and principal of JMH Development. He represents the third generation of the Halpern family. The Halpern family is credited for building hundreds of residential units in New York City and Westchester County, NY. Jason boasts of outstanding level of experience and expertise in development matters. His insight and determination has propelled JMH Development into developing and acquiring several pioneering and innovative properties including some notable landmarked buildings. His knack for building in historical locations sets him apart vfrom other developers.


Apart from devoting a considerable part of his time to building properties, he is involved in charitable engagements around his community. As so, he has invested a considerable part of his resources in the popular Joel A. Halpern Trauma Center based at Westchester Medical Center. Through the JMH Development, he has also initiated philanthropic projects such as the 2015 water partnership with Global Water non-profit charity.

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