A look at Bruce Bent II and His Achievements

Money markets are rapidly developing as the arena shifts from offices to online platforms. Success in the financial market requires ingenious interventions and adaptation of effective strategies driving success. In such a market, having the best on your side guarantees exceptional performance and continued company growth.

Brice Bent II is a top financial expert and has pioneered in some asset management and cash related solutions for banks, brokers, and the retail market. Bent notes that his father shaped his innovative edge and acknowledged that some of Double Rock’s ideas evolved from his father’s ideas. Over the years, Bent has developed an exemplary track record and is renowned as a great financial consultant.

Bent has worked in various capacities in the financial market but is most recognized for his role in revolutionizing some money-market institution. As President of The Reserve, Bent’s leadership transformed the organization and allowed it to diversify and expand exponentially. Within the 17 year period that he was there, assets under management shot up from $4 billion to a whopping $130 billion.

The Reserve’s eventual liquidation was carefully managed by Bent in 2008 after the financial crisis. Currently, Bent holds the title of President and vice chairman for Double Rock Corporation, a prominent authority in technology and financial services. Further, he is accorded a senior executive position in Double Rock’s subsidiary companies.

The six wholly-owned firms including patent licensing Island Intellectual Property LLC and retirement market innovator Access Control Advantage LLC are authorities in their respective markets. Focusing on diversification, Bent has and is dealing with intellectual property, asset management, healthcare financing, consumer goods, product development, Branding, budgeting and a host of finance-related aspects.

Bent contributed immensely to the optimization of the Access Control Advantage loan scheme thus reducing loan borrowing by about 25% among plan members. In acknowledgment of his skills, he was featured in Leadership Secrets of the World’s Most Successful CEOs. As an expert in intellectual property, he boasts of over 60 patents describing the financial services offered by a new company developed from Double Rock.

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