Jason Hope’s Believe In The Internet

Jason Hope has made a huge name for himself in the technology world. His years as an entrepreneur and tech expert have made his opinion quite valuable to a large number of people. Hope has spent much of his time as a writer and commentator on the latest tech trends. Recently he spent some time writing about the Internet of Things something he is quite a believer in. Throughout the article Hope had high praise for The Internet of Things calling the it the greatest new wave of advancement to hit the tech industry.

The Internet of Things is a term used to describe how technology can be connected allowing various devices to sync with each other. Hope is a strong believer in this idea. As the major companies began to embrace this idea, it has the potential to completely change how companies function. It could very well become the biggest advancement in the tech industry in years.

Hope is convinced that embracing smart technology and the Internet of Things provides the power to eliminate waste and make our daily lives safer. There have already been a number of great changes including upgrades in public transportation and road conditions. As more people embrace this technology idea, our world should become a much safer place.

An entrepreneur, futurist, philanthropist, and investor Hope has built quite a resume over the years. The Arizona native received a degree in finance from Arizona State University, and an MBA from ASU’s W.P. Carey School of Business. Hope has used his wealth and fame to give back to the community. Philanthropy has become a big focus for him. In particular he loves groups like SENS Foundation that are dedicated to helping create preventative measures to health issues.

Jason Hope presence in the technology world is sure to be big for quite some time to come. He has become a go-to person for knowledge in this space.

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Goettl Air Conditioning is Expanding Across Arizona, Neveada and California

One thing is certain if you live in the southwest United States you want to have reliable air conditioning for your house. In Arizona and Nevada, temperatures often reach 110 degrees in the summer, so dependable air conditioning is a necessity.

Goettl Air Conditioning was founded in 1939 by the two Goettl brothers in Phoenix, Arizona. By the 1950s, air conditioning became popular, and Goettl Air began to expand across Arizona. This year, Goettl was recognized as the Best HVAC Company in Arizona.

Ken Goodrich is the president of the company. He grew up watching his father work in air conditioning, and he began his career in the field. For the past five years, he has been the dedicated and loyal leader of Goettl, which he sees as growing into Nevada like they did in Arizona. Then, he plans on covering southern California from San Diego to San Francisco.

Goettl has been a leader for over 70 years offering A/C repairs, HVAC management, installation, with high-quality products for heating and air conditioning.

Ken Goodrich is reentering Las Vegas by merging with Paradise Air and Las Vegas Air this month. The merger allowed Goettl to gain over 20 new employees and secure a place in the residential air conditioning market. This merger will also open the commercial market for Goettl while extending the services for the two Las Vegas companies.

The employees of these two companies are excited about the merger because Goodrich has an incredible record and Goettl has a reputation for excellent products and services.

They have several other companies in L.V., which they had acquired previously, and they intend on expanding until they are the best HVAC company in the southwest of Nevada, and then they will move into California to do the same.

End Citizens United: On A Mission To Reform Campaign Financing

In the field of political activism, there is a new entrant determined to eradicate financial malpractice that has blemished the political arena. The group aims to achieve this by funding the campaigns of Democratic aspirants in both the upper and the lower houses. The foundation, named End Citizens United, has up to date raised $2 million since its inception. According to communications executive Richard Carbo, the establishment has projected the fundraiser to accrue a whopping $30 million.


True to its name, the primary objective of the group is to lobby a constitutional amendment that will nullify the Citizens United ruling made by the Supreme Court. The decision, made in 2010, was the reason behind the rapid upsurge of political activism committees as well as pumping of dirty money into the political landscape. The move by End Citizens United has received a warm welcome, with their petition currently boasting of over 325,000 signatories. The plea seeks to compel the Congress to pass the amendment. The future is promising for the petition, with the group having collaborated with the Hillary Clinton campaign team to use its massive email subscription list; which has over 4 million members. The entity has also declared support of many Democrats across various states.


Speaking on the matter, Richard Carbo stated that his organization was different to other financial reform activists. Contrary to other groups, End Citizens United was campaigning for candidates who supported reform – and could pass the required legislation if elected. The aspirants also promised to oppose Citizens United. As a measure of supporting their preferred candidates, the group created an autonomous division that would provide fiscal support to the nominees through incentives such as digital and conventional advertising.


Though End Citizens United is optimistic of sanctioning financial reforms, the dream of passing a constitutional amendment has raised some doubts among economic and political experts. For a change to be effected, it needs to be approved by at least 67% of members in both houses, as well as being endorsed by over 75% of all states. Even worse, this could prove to be a daunting task since no amendment has been passed for over two decades.


Senior campaign experts have written off the prospect of a constitutional amendment, saying that it is an uphill task. However, Carbo remains defiant that his group is on the right track. He believes that the projected $3o million could play a significant part in the process. So far, End Citizens United has received donations from over 136,000 individuals.


About End Citizens United


This is a political activist group whose sole objective is to advocate for reforms in campaign financing. Backed by grassroots members, the PAC aims to eliminate dark money in political through electing reformists and advocating for constitutional changes.

Writer Tries Wen by Chaz for Seven Days

In an article appearing on Bustle.com writer Emily McClure tried Wen By Chaz Cleansing Conditioner for seven days and posted pictures and comments about the results. Wen By Chaz is a holistic hair care line made with natural ingredients. The line’s founder, Chaz Dean, is described by Wikipedia as a celebrity stylist who has warned clients about the damage detergents can do their hair since 1993. He developed WEN hair Cleansing Conditioner as an alternative to shampoo that could keep his clients hair clean while maintaining the overall health of their hair. Wen offers a variety of hair and skin products with formulas tailored for all kinds of hair and skin types. Wen Cleansing Conditioner comes in several fragrances on Sephora including Fig, Fall Apple Spice, and Spring Orange Blossom. Wen also offers Cleansing Conditioner in an unscented variety.

According to the Bustle.com article the biggest difference between using Wen Cleansing Conditioner and a typical shampoo is the amount of product required to clean your hair. Emily posted a photo on Facebook of the amount of product she generally uses to wash her hair followed by a photo of the amount of product Wen recommends (ten to sixteen pumps of product as opposed to just one or two). The difference in quantity was startling, but Emily opted to trust the instructions on the bottle. Her actual hair washing experience was fantastic, her hair felt thicker and healthier before she’d even exited the shower. After drying and styling, Emily’s hair was shiny, bouncy and lustrous. After seven days of use, Wen Cleansing Conditioner seemed to improve the overall texture and shine of Emily’s hair. After each wash her hair looked better and Emily’s final verdict on Wen Cleansing Conditioner was that it is a great product for daily use. Check out the original article on Bustle.

Product Link: http://www.ebay.com/bhp/wen-hair-care


The Success Story of Eric Lefkofsky in Developing Success Business Ventures

In every successful venture, it is important to understand the historical background and how the capital market operates. This entails taking a key interest in specific business ventures and nurturing them to maturity by providing the much needed financial support. Entrepreneurship field has attracted a good number of investors who have contributed towards the establishment of successful business companies. Eric Lefkofsky is an American philanthropist that has been scaling the heights in entrepreneurship field. He has contributed to the establishment of many companies that have performed exceptionally well. He is the co-founder and chief executive officer of Tempus. This is a technological company that has invested in the health industry. The company has developed an operating system that has been used widely across the world to treat cancer. It can be remembered that cancer is one of the leading chronic diseases globally. Eric Lefkofsky has many stakes in other companies which he has contributed to their development and growth. He is the co-founder and managing director of Lightbank. This is a business entity that tends to develop structures to help in combating disruptive nature of the current technologies. As such, he has been a figure to reckon with in the financial and technological industry.  Head over to this.


Eric Lefkofsky has been a successful entrepreneur with many companies under his name. The companies have developed into multinational entities that have grown to open branches in other countries across the globe. Eric Lefkofsky has a rich educational background that has contributed to his immense success in the entrepreneurship. He was born in Southfield, Michigan and later moved on to join Southfield-Lathrup High School. After graduating from high school in 1987, Eric Lefkofsky attained admission to the University of Michigan. Here, he sharpened his skills in the entrepreneurship field which made him start selling carpets during the course of his study. This was his stepping stone towards realizing and establishing a booming and recognized entrepreneurship ventures in the years to come. Eric Lefkofsky and his wife have also contributed in the philanthropic fields. They have established a charitable trust that has been helping to support educational and scientific studies across the world.  For additional info check his linkedin.com page.


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Leading Bank Secures Total Issuance of $155 Million

NexBank Capital Inc is a Dallas-based financial services company that has completed the placement of their senior secured notes. The company managed to raise about 80 million, reaching the total amount of issuance to $155 million. The maturity of the notes will be on March 16, 2016, and will be callable from March 15, 2021. For the first five years, the interest will be at a fixed rate of 5.50%, and after that, they would be based on the floating rate. The company will be using the proceedings to repay some debts and for different corporate needs.

NexBank Capital Inc had recently announced a record of their consolidated earnings, loans, deposits and assets. The company saw a record growth rate of 71% from the initial year as of December 31, 2016, on its assets. The total deposits saw an increase of 72% from the last year. The company expects the funds to provide the required capital that they need to help in their growth and to find new strategic opportunities for the future.

According to their Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer, Matt Siekielski, the company has made a significant growth in the last years and continued to attract capital from their investors that prove their core businesses and the various strategies that they use for this growth.

NexBank Capital Inc was set up in 1922 and offers financial and banking products and services to their customers based out of different parts oft he country. The company has an excellent management team who are ready to provide their clients with customized financial and banking services. Their clients range from institutional clients to corporations and individuals as well.

For NexBank Capital Inc, being a leader in the sector is something that they take pride in. The company aims to offer value to their customers at every step of the way to ensure that their customers are satisfied with the results. Since 1922, the company is providing high-quality solutions to meet the needs of their sophisticated clients. The company is led by the successful Chairman James Dondero who is the co-founder and the President of Highland Capital Management, L.P.


Vijay Eswaran: an Accomplished Entrepreneur and Author

Vijay Eswaran, the Malaysian-born entrepreneur, is the CEO of IQ Group. According to QBuzz, he is one of the wealthiest individuals in Malaysia. Eswaran has been in business for the last three decades.

Prior to starting his company, he did all sorts of jobs such as picking grapes, cab driving and working at construction sites. Additionally, Eswaran is an eloquent speaker and author of the best-selling books, including Sphere of Silence, In the Thinking Zone, and On the Wings of Thought.

Eswaran’s educational background

He was born in Malaysia to a middle-class couple in 1960. Eswaran studied at the London School of Economics and graduated with a degree in Socio-economics.

Upon getting his first job, he moved to the United States and enrolled in a master’s program. In 1986, he graduated with a master’s in business administration from Southern Illinois University.

Professional background

Upon completion of his undergraduate studies, Eswaran did a variety of odd jobs in Europe. A year later, he got a job in binary marketing. Qi Group says that Vijay Eswaran worked as a multilevel marketer on a part-time basis while pursuing his post-graduate studies.

He also worked for Synaptics, a company that deals in manufacturing of computer hardware components. After graduating from Southern Illinois University, he migrated back to his home country and took up a job at Cosway Group.

In 1998, he established QI Group, a multi-level marketing company. QI Group is an e-commerce business entity that strives to offer its clients affordable quality products. This company has branches in Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, and Hong Kong.

Eswaran’s achievements

This year, Eswaran was recognized and awarded “Lifetime Achievement Award in Global Entrepreneurship.” He received his award at the annual 8th Chinese Economic Summit hosted by Melaka State Government.

Other than being recognized as one of the richest men, he has also received awards for his charitable acts. About four years ago, he was awarded the New Global Indian Ocean award for philanthropy and excellence.

Philanthropic acts

Eswaran is involved in a variety of charity activities. Vijayaratnam Foundation and the RHYTHM Foundation are the organizations that manage his philanthropic works. Eswaran’s wife, Umayal Eswaran, heads Vijayaratnam Foundation while QI Group manages the RHYTHM Foundation.

Learn more about more Vijay Eswaran: http://www.qbuzz.qnet.net/blog/2011/06/27/vijay-eswaran-in-forbes-philanthropy-heroes-list/

George Soros Wants To Protect The Progressive Legacy

The Most Successful Hedge Fund Manager

George Soros is a wealthy man, but he stands out for the simple fact that he has managed to dominate a field defined by uncertainty and doubt. He is the world’s most successful hedge fund manager on planet Earth and he has kept his title for years. The wealth he has accumulated doesn’t go towards himself. Instead, he uses to help causes he believes are important to the improvement of the human condition such as open societies and free trade on nytimes.com. He has gotten criticism for these efforts, but they never distract him from his greater ambitions.

Fighting For Progress Worldwide

The biggest impact George Soros has on politics is through contributions. As a billionaire it isn’t much for him to place money towards campaigns he approves of and he doesn’t have any reason to avoid trying to do everything he can to help out those he sees as supporting that he agrees with. One of the best examples of this is the work he did in promoting the transition of Hungary from a communist dictatorship into a democracy with a free market on discoverthenetworks.org. He was able to make sure that the transition was peaceful and that all parties involved were satisfied. Recently, he decided to place his talents and energy towards the American election.

Returning From A Hiatus

2016 was certainly a year full of surprises. Nobody would’ve guessed that Donald Trump would’ve entered the presidential race and few would’ve predict on Biography that he was going to win. George Soros decided to make 2016 the year he decided to return to politics after a long hiatus, but it seems as if his efforts were in vain. His expectations weren’t abnormal and actually aligned with what most expected. Few thought that Trump would’ve pulled the upset victory he did.

Where He Goes From Here

Soros refuses to allow this disappointment to discourage him from engaging in politics. He wants to stand up for the Left and protect the progress that have already made. George Soros is working with top Democrats to devise a plan to help the Left regain power and protect what it’s already done. His rhetoric against Donald Trump has always carried heat, but now Soros is ready to do everything he can to fight him.

About George Soros

George Soros is one of the most prolific philanthropists and hedge fund managers of our time. He uses his billion dollar fortune to promote progressive causes and bring important issues to light surrounding the increasingly global society we live in. Recently, he has focused on opposing Donald Trump and the agenda he has laid out for his presidency.

The Right And Wrong Reasons For Dating And How Whitney Wolfe’s Bumble Can Help

There are many reasons that people want to date and ultimately find themselves in relationships. However, not all of them are good. There are many people that find themselves wanting to be in a relationship simply because they are afraid of being alone. Often times, this mindset lands them in a relationship with people that are not a good match for them. The right reason for dating is to find someone to share experiences with. After all, no person is going to complete another person. It is up to the person to make sure that he is satisfied with his or her own life before trying to date.

For those that have the right reason for dating, Bumble by Whitney Wolfe is a great app to use. For one thing, people who are dating with the right purpose are more likely to be honest. Therefore, Whitney Wolfe’s app is more likely to give them the right match. Whitney Wolfe is very passionate about relationships because she likes to see something beautiful form. She also wants to be a part of this. Therefore, Whitney Wolfe not only created Bumble, but also made sure that she has made the necessary adjustments in order to make it easier for men and women to find dates.

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One thing that Whitney Wolfe knows is that dating and relationships is often hard work and they are not guaranteed to last. Often times, dating and relationships do end in heartbreak. Therefore, one of the best thing to do in order to get over the end of a relationship is to grieve the end of the relationship and then do everything that is possible to move on from it. When people approach relationships with the right mindset, she is more likely to find herself in a lifelong relationship.

See: http://coveteur.com/2015/04/30/whitney-wolfe-tinder-bumble/

Talk Fusion’s 30-Day Free Trial Geared Towards Attracting More Users Across the Globe

If you are a follower of global news and business issues, you probably know Bob Reina’s company, Talk Fusion. Talk Fusion recently launched their 30 day free trials. The company, which is one of the largest global leaders in marketing solutions, launched their free trials in more than 140 countries and in 9 different languages. Currently, anyone can try the company’s products before they can buy them.

Talk Fusion has been offering video marketing solutions for many years now. The company’s founder, Bob Reina, wanted to launch video marketing products that can enhance the manner in which people communicate. If you own a business, whether it is a startup or you want to expand and grow an existing one, video marketing can help you do exactly that.

How to Take Advantage of the Free Trials

Being part of the many users who benefit from the free trial is easy. All you have to do is to sign up on Talk Fusion’s official website. The website has been redesigned to give users an experience like no other. Unlike other websites which will ask you for personal details and your credit card information, Talk Fusion will only ask for your name and email address.

Once you are logged in, you can access the various features that come with the free trial. With the 30-day free trial, you can gain access to video email, live meetings, video newsletters and other products.

Advantages of Talk Fusion Video Marketing Solutions

One of the advantages of using Talk Fusion’s products is that they are made to perfection. The website is easy to use and you can easily personalize your own space to the unique nature of your business. The company, which was established in 2007, has a team which is working tirelessly to update their products and give users the best experience on every feature.

Apart from running a thriving business, Talk Fusion is also big on giving back to the society. Part of their proceeds goes to charities all around the world. When you buy their products you also contribute to the livelihood of families around the globe.

https://www.linkedin.com/company/talk-fusion-corporates for more.