Aftermath Of The Baltimore Riots

In the wake of the Baltimore riots, city officials were finally able to assess the situation. When determining the damage, investigators estimated that there was a total of $9 million worth of damage. Nearly 300 buildings and business were destroyed and vandalized during the protests. Federal officials have estimated that the majority of the damage was caused by rioters looting business and setting fires. In addition to the businesses affected by the unrest, two homes in the area also had significant damages resulting in $60,000 worth of repairs.

While the city is slowing recouping from post-riot devastation, they are trying to determine how they will convey a strategy to repair the city. Adam Sender isn’t sure what the plan is. City officials are working together to develop a strategy and work with business owners to revitalize the city after the protests. Many of the major retailers in the area, including Rite Aid Corp. and CVS Health Corp. are both taking a hit so they can rebuild their locations. The local CVS store was looted and set on fire. The store was recently built and served well as a mecca for senior citizens in the community.

The riots stemmed from the unlawful death of Freddie Gray. Since his death, six officers have been charged. Baltimore area residents are anxiously awaiting the trial to start. Meanwhile, prosecutors in the area have decided to drop charges on those arrested on suspicion of violating the city’s curfew during the riots. All other arrests made in connection to the riots remain to be heard.

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