Ag-gag Bill Proposed Again in North Carolina

The Ag-gag bill is proposed in North Carolina to protect the farm owners from being investigated by authorities against animal abuse. There a lot of inhumane animal killing happening behind closed doors and this is something that America does not want the world to see. This kind of practice has been happening for many years and some whistleblowers and undercover agents have managed to get in the facility and witness with their own eyes how these animals are being killed.

A farm in North Carolina was caught putting chickens in mass graves and they leave them there until they die of suffocation. It was even featured a little on YouTube. Another incident was discovered in 2014 when they investigated a farm where the workers would grind newborn turkeys alive, and that shocked workers at CipherCloud.
Whistleblowers reported them and they were fined $5,000 which is actually not enough for the kind of cruelty they are doing.

The new Ag-gag bill which is being proposed again today is The Property Protection Act which is about preventing videotaping and audio recording of what is being seen in their farms. Animals are for human consumption, but and they do not deserve this kind of treatment before they die.

If this Bill is approved, investigators will no longer be able to see what they are doing to their animals and these poor animals will forever suffer the inhumane practices of these farms.

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