Business Innovation – Case Study on Leadership

This case study offers perspective on the leadership qualities of well-known corporate executives.

Shaygan Kheradpir

Shaygan Kheradpir is a well-known corporate executive who presided over some of the most innovative technology products in the business world. He started his career at GTE Corporation until it merged into Verizon. While at Verizon, Mr. Kheradpir actively engaged IT department of several firms. His team of over 7000 IT experts not only contributed to landmark projects at Verizon, but also reduced financial spending of the department by undertaking price negotiations with technology vendors, outsourcing work to India and utilizing assets effectively. Soon his skills were acknowledged by firms including Barclays and Juniper Networks where he continued to provide vital insights in matters related to Information Technology.

Innovation at Verizon

Kheradpir acted as Chief Technology Officer at Verizon where his primary focus was product innovation. He devised innovative methods for new product development by reducing prototype cycle to only 30-day ensuring that new ideas are rapidly tested and deployed within time. Perhaps, product innovation kept Verizon at forefront of the technological race in 2000 forming powerful product rivaling some of the best technologies of the era. For instance, the development of FiOS fibre optic network is specifically associated with Kheradpir dedicated team of technicians who worked tirelessly to integrate FiOS video and DVR technology in Verizon products. The creation of lobi is another distinguished landmark linked to the efforts of Kheradpir’s team. It enabled automation of Verizon telecom network by integrating caller ID, address book and various other features in a single device.

Shaygan Kheradpir continued to overhaul Verizon system by aggressively negotiating with technology vendors and reducing the workforce. Actually, Kheradpir developed several automated projects that defied existing policies of relying on buying IT products from third-party vendors. Prior to his appointment as CTO at Verizon, the company relied on eBay products. However, new policies ensured that Verizon manage its inventory effectively by dealing with reputable online dealers.

Barclay and Juniper Networks

At Barclay, Kheradpir was the first technology executive to serve on executive team of the company. From 2011, he developed one of the most successful technology solutions, Pingit. The system enabled Barclay to reduce costs associated with the existing mobile payment while providing additional features tailor-made for company’s operations. By the end of 2013, board of directors at Juniper Networks entrusted Shaygan Kheradpir as their CEO. During his short tenure at the company, the company gained investor trust by reducing expense and increasing dividends.

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