Chairman of Brazilian Multi-Media Company Grupo RBS Eduardo “Duda” Melzer

Grupo RBS is one of the largest multi-media conglomerates in the country of Brazil, and its Chairman Duda Melzer has been its top executive since 2012. Under his leadership, Grupo RBS went from being an old-school media company to one that was more technology-based. In addition to heading this company, Duda Melzer also serves as Chairman and CEO of a venture capital and private equity firm called EB Ventures. His work at these corporations involves focusing on making investments in early-stage startup businesses in Brazil and the U.S.

Born Eduardo Sirotsky Melzer, the South American entrepreneur got his start in the world of business and finance at a company called Sweet Sweet Way, and he later helped complete projects for a consulting firm called Booz Allen and Hamilton. While living in the U.S., he became the CEO of the New York advertising agency Box Top Media, which was a promoter of dairy products, and he was a Senior Analyst at Delphi Corporation. Over the course of his many years in his chosen field of work, he has received a number of awards that honor his professional skills, such as the Entrepreneur of the Year Award that was presented to him by the Ernst and Young company.

According to meioemensagem, he was also selected to be on the Cambridge Institute for Family Enterprise business leaders list, and was the recipient of the Merit Award in Administration, which was given to him by the Regional Management Council of Rio Grande do Sul in 2015. Duda Melzer feels that one of the things that has made him more productive as a businessman is that he surrounds himself with people who are team-oriented. He believes that forging good relationships with colleagues is beneficial to making it easier to work with them, and that being persistent and pushing through tough situations is essential for succeeding in business.

Melzer attended the Pontifical Catholic University in Rio Grande do Sul, graduating with a degree in Business Administration in 1998. He also earned an MBA degree from Harvard University in 2002. The corporate leader is fluent in three languages: English, Portuguese and Spanish.

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