Don Ressler’s Inspiring and Extensive Career

Don Ressler is the man behind companies like JustFab and Fabletics. This man has worked in partnership with a guy named Adam Goldenberg, and they both have caused quite the scene over the years because of their work with countless talented people in the entertainment industry and what they are capable of. Don Ressler is a very successful businessman who started from scratch and is today one very talented guy who has all the right success in the fashion industry.

He is known for being the man behind countless successful start-ups in different industries. Don Ressler’s first business was a website that he eventually sold to a company named Intermix Media. He eventually joined their team and actually worked with them to create different brands and companies. He joined Adam Goldenberg in this company and they eventually took off to a new level and accomplished so much more together. They found the beauty industry to be very marketable and the perfect place for their next challenge.

In 2010, their company Intelligence Beauty launched the beauty of a new company called JustFab. This subscription based eCommerce fashion site became known for having Kimora Lee Simmons join the company as their headliner, and eventually the brand became known for their huge amount of funding and large number of huge brands willing to sell their products lower than retail price. Their funding shot up to more than $76 million from different venture companies and venture capitals. One thing Don is known for his skills when it comes down to knowing and understanding all aspects of business and raising funds. He played a big role with Adam to getting their brand to reach new levels and receive the funding they deserved to get JustFab to the next level.

Intelligent Beauty was known for being the holder of all the fashion businesses they had. Not only was JustFab, now known as TechStyle, introduced to the world of fashion on Pando, but there were two other brands that came out of this huge company. They first came up with DERMSTORE, which was an online marketplace for skincare and cosmetics. About two years later, SENSA became their newest project, which was a weight loss system.

Today, both Don and Adam are successful business partners always coming up with new ways to revolutionize business. Their newest works Fabletics in the world of fashion is also taking its launch successfully, and continues to soar.

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