Former Atlanta Hawks Player Dies

The NBA has been hit with the saddest news ever possible. The former Atlanta Hawks player and three –time MVP, Moses Malone has passed on. According to the Norfolk Police Department, the former player was found dead in a hotel room in one of Norfolk hotels. At his career, Moses was an active player that won virtually all possible regards for good playing. According to investigating officer, Det. Jeffrey Scoot, all sign do not indicate foul play. Therefore, further investigations would give the exact cause of his death. After failing to appear in a celebrity golf tournament, where he was scheduled to play, an immediate search was instituted and later confirmed that he no more.

Several teams including the Atlanta Hawks, Rockets, Washington bullets, San Antonio Spurs and 76ers have sent their messages of condolences where they express deep sorry for a legend gone too soon. The NBA commissioner, Adam Silver, has expressed disappointment and shock at the news. He reiterates that Moses was a player that brought skill and energy to a team and every time he stepped into the pitch, he would compete with intensity. The energy and determination made him a Pro Basketball Hall of Fame. Moses was among the best centre players that every played in the game, both in the ABA and NBA. Apart from the excessive talent that the players exuded, Moses would be missed for his personality and mature approach to issues. His career took 21 years and was listed among the NBA’s top 50 greatest players ever. In the 1983 finals, Moses was named MVP, and won the title with the Philadelphia 76ers. It is an incredible performance for a player whose only ambition is to be the best he can in the NBA.

Moses remains one of those players that have had the best careers in the NBA having played for the various teams and achieving success. Like the players, the NBA teams exchange ownership quite often, and it is a common phenomenon. In fact, there are moments when the team management and players get shocked by how much a team changes ownership. The occurrence is a business opportunity for the billionaires that have the financial muscle to pull the strings. It is obvious to see former players like Moses change teams as a structural adjustment done by the team owners are expected to pay off. After making a purchase of a team, the owners would buy the best players to enhance performance and subsequently make the club famous. It would guarantee more endorsements and profits.

The NBA’s Atlanta Hawks recently sold to Anthony Ressler and team. It was a surprising move, for many people were not expecting such a sudden turn of events. After wide consultations, the former owner Bruce Levenson of wikipedia and partners decided to adopt the decision to hire Goldman Sachs to undertake the sale. In the end, Ressler got the team, and Levenson got the money. In fact, they made a huge profit on the sale, which was estimated at $730 million.

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