Jason Halpern: A Real Estate Developer with Reverence for History and Society

Jason Halpern is a real estate developer and an active philanthropist. He is the Managing Partner as well as the Founder of a real estate development firm called, JMH development. He is also a Director of Parametric Dining LLC. Halpern pursues his real estate career passionately with the belief that it is essential for a developer to respect a community in which he develops. He supports this belief by acknowledging the community’s historical roots. Therefore, his development firm is highly reputed for being engaged in developing numerous historic sites and buildings. Halpern is also passionate about coordinating his profession with the needs of society. Thus, he uses his professional skills to make a difference in society.



Jason Halpern’s Experience at JMH Development

Jason Halpern is the third generation running entrepreneur overseeing JMH Development. He began operating this family business from 2010. For over 50 years, the Halpern family had consistently managed this business with an excelling reputation. JMH Development had successfully managed procurement, marketing, topping off and development of several properties throughout several states of the United States. Their work mainly ranges in the luxury category. There have been numerous constructions of residential complexes and Class ‘A’ commercial structures in New York, Brooklyn, Kent, Manhattan and the Miami Beach area. The unique skills, perceptions, and experiences of Jason Halpern assists in leading a team of highly qualified professionals at JMH Development. Their strategic vision designs structures in order to accommodate domestic, hospitality and mixed-use property segments as well.


Jason Halpern’s Recent Entrepreneurial Breakthrough

In the year of 2015, Jason Halpern had managed to top off at Aloft South Beach centered at the heart of Miami Beach. The property was renowned historically within the location for Motel Ankara. The JMH Development and of course Halpern was extremely thrilled about this accomplishment as it marked a significant breakthrough for the entire development firm. The historic structure was adapted strategically to be reformed into an eight-story towered luxury hotel Plaza. The construction was fulfilled by Plaza Construction and designed by the architect, ADD Incorporation. The unique features include a scenic beachfront view with the property being surrounded by Collin Canal and Lake Pancoast. Nearby this luxury hotel, there are various entertainment leisure spots for visitors and tourists. The guests of the hotel are accommodated with high class, convenient services such as an outdoor pool, spacious lounges, fitness centers, restaurants, and bars as well. This hotel is built ideally for corporate and social events.


Jason Halpern’s Humanitarian Activities


Jason Halpern utilizes his personal time and possessions in building a better society by employing his professional expertise and compassionate nature. He engages in voluntary activities with Joel A. Halpern Trauma Center at Westchester Medical Center. He also supports two global water distribution NGOs through JMH development. These charities are Splash and The Relief Society of Tigray. The proceeds go forward to ensure access to sanitary, safe water for more than 600 Nepalese and Ethiopian regions.

jason halpern, thomas juul hansen

jason halpern, thomas juul hansen

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