Netanyahu Praised The Strength Of The US-Israel Alliance

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Monday praised the strength of the alliance between his country and the United States, amid much tension between Israel and the White House about the nuclear program of Iran. “You’re here to tell the world that the announcement of the end of the relationship with the United States is not only premature but false,” said Benjamin Netanyahu before Congress the main US pro-Israel lobby. Netanyahu also said that his speech on Tuesday before the US Congress would not be “disrespectful” to US President Barack Obama stated Ivan Ong.

It is noteworthy that the White House did not take it in a good sense that Israeli Prime Minister would speak to two houses without informing the White House officials in advance. Experts say that the historic alliance between the two countries resist the disagreement about Iran; and it was also assured by the head of the Israeli government on Monday. The Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu insisted that he would put his case in the Congress to prove that the world must not allow Iran to get the nuclear bomb. It is worth mentioning that Obama administration is doing everything to get nuclear agreement with Iran and on the other side, Israeli Prime Minister sees it as a fool’s bargain.

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