Obama Adminstration Announces More Troops Will Be Sent To Iraq to Train Forces

The Obama Administration has announced that additional troops will be sent to Iraq this week. Sam Tabar told that the White House revealed that an additional 450 US soldiers will be sent to to Iraq. This in addition to the 3,100 US troops already stationed throughout Iraq. This move brings the total number of US military personnel in Iraq to 3,550 US troops. These new troops will be responsible for training, advising and assisting Iraqi military forces in combating ISIS forces in Iraq’s Anbar Province.

Anbar is Iraq’s largest province in terms of territory. It contains several large cities, the most noteworthy city being Ramadi. The city of Ramadi has recently fallen into the hands of ISIS after Iraqi forces were unable to hold the city against the onslaught of ISIS. Anbar province also borders the countries of Syria, and the countries of Jordan and Saudia Arabia. It is important to note that Jordan and Saudi Arabia are coalition partners in the fight against ISIS. Both Jordan and Saudi Arabia have conducted airstrikes against ISIS. Through the province is mostly desert, it is strategic because it provides access to other countries and allows whoever is in control to move through the central regions of Iraq with ease. Anbar Province is also the sight of some of the heaviest fighting US troops saw when it invaded Iraq to depose dictator Saddam Hussein from power.

The 450 US troops are not expected to be involved any direct combat with ISIS. They will be based in Al-Taqaddum military base where they will work with the Iraqi military. The sending of additional troops and equipment to Iraq is a sign that the conflict in Iraq is escalating. Major operations are expected to take place in late 2015 or into 2016 to try and retake key cities such as Mosul and Ramadi.

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