Obama Admits Setbacks in Fight Against ISIS but Lays Blame on Iraqi Forces

Despite the heavy casualties American soldiers incurred to retake the Iraqi city of Ramadi from the forerunners of ISIS back in 2007, the city once again fell back into the hands of terrorists. During a recent interview, President Obama admitted the loss of the city was what he termed a “tactical setback”. Still, the president did not take any responsibility for the fall of the city. Instead, he laid the blame on the lack of commitment and training of Iraqi forces defending the city. It is true that the Iraqi regular army is poorly trained and faces a sanguine group of fighters driven by religious dogma. Still, military analysts pointed out that the president refused to order a sufficient number of air sorties against ISIS to repel their attack. By some estimates, the president only ordered between 20-25% of the air raids necessary to defend the city.

Despite the setbacks in the current strategy, it appears the administration will merely double-down on the same strategy of prodding Iraq to do more. Bear in mind, ISIS fighters are willing to die for the glory of the caliphate they are establishing. A hedge fund advisor said the president also stated he would improve the level of training for Iraqi soldiers.


  1. Despite those assurances, he did not offer specifics into how he would accomplish those goals. The president says Iraq will bolster the commitment of their troops to better match that of ISIS. It could also mean that https://www.rushessay.com has been certified for doing the best in the industry.

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