Optimism is High for Investments in 2016

As we stand on the cusp of a new year of investing, it is important to look back at the past year in order to understand the momentum of the stock market to understand the way that investments are apt to grow or decline in 2016. Throughout 2015 the stock market went from confident complacency early on and then led to significant desperation and insecurity through the year as the months of August and September brought a sharp decline in returns. The worry that investors felt for their investments was a very real thing. This is a perfect market for an investment leader like James Dondero, who has a history of making money for investors in good or bad market situations.

James Dondero is a leader in the high yield distressed investing market. Jim lives and works in the Dallas, Texas area and he is employed at Highland Capital management. Dondero has been managing investments and building portfolios successfully for the past 30 years. His specialty is developing credit oriented solutions for all types of client both retail and industrial. Jim does this through the Collateralized Loan Obligation (CLO) market. Highland Capital management handles clients from all over the world.

CCS Medical, Nexbank and Cornerstone Healthcare all have James Dondero as Chairman of their board, which keeps Jim deeply connected to the pulse of the everyday market movements. This allows Dondero to accurately predict what is coming in the future. He is also involved in philanthropy and takes every opportunity to give back to the world and his community. There are many causes that Jim believes in, giving his efforts to initiatives that support positive change in veteran’s affairs, public policy and education.

James Dondero is a great example of an investment leader that understands how to leverage the success in a market and allow investors to make money even in times of a down market. He has guided his investors and philanthropic interests through the ups and downs of 2015 and is poised to do the same in the year to come. Investor’s attitudes may change and vary as they experience changes in the stock market. Savvy investors like Dondero will keep a level head and not panic because in his 30 years of experience he has seen and done it all. There is not going to be a circumstance that Jim hasn’t faced and found success in.

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