Russia Walks Away From Conventional Arms Treaty

The estrangement between Russia and NATO continues to grow. Russia has decided to walk away from a long standing conventional arms treaty that was signed in 1990. What this means, in essence, is Russia is looking to build up its military and weapons capacity. While not directly stated, Chron reported though, that Russia is hoping to expand military capabilities with NATO in case of a potential conflict.

These events have been announced on the heels of a call for the European Union to develop its own army. Not surprisingly, Moscow’s aggression in Eastern Europe has led to these calls.

The Joint Consultative Group on the Treaty on Conventional Armed Forces in Europe was signed right before the end of the Cold War. Over the course of the past 25 years, global landscapes have changed. Modern Russia is not the Soviet Union and cannot projects power in the same way it once did.

NATO’s growth in recent years has proven concerning to Russia although, truthfully, NATO has not acted in any aggressive manner towards Russia or other nations. Regardless, Russia feels this is the right time in history to build up its military might and is doing so.

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