Securus has last laugh as it’s named Stevie Awards finalist

Securus Technologies, the global leader in prison communications, has recently made the final round of the much coveted Stevie Awards, a yearly award given to the top companies in the U.S. in customer service and satisfaction. Their nomination for the final three spots means that Securus will, at a minimum, walk away with a Bronze Award. This remarkable feat comes on the heels of a decade of second-guessing by the company’s critics, many of whom were misinformed or had ulterior motives. But Securus has been largely vindicated, not just by the recognition and respect of its industry peers, but by that ultimate test: the phenomenal success of its products in the marketplace.



Weak claims by weak minds


Many of Securus’ most vocal critics could aptly be described as shills. They’re hacks planted by competing organizations or by groups who have an irrational, primitive hatred of law, order and Western Civilization as a whole. But there have been some claims which have merit, however tenuous.


For example, in a number of cases, inmates, particularly in Southern jails, were being charged amounts to make outgoing phone calls that could only be described as exorbitant. Securus, as the telephone services provider, often took the blame for these instances of price gouging. However, what the critics fail to mention is that those same jails were forcing Securus to pay up-front fees for the mere privilege of being that jail’s service provider. In some cases, these fees amounted to $5 a day per inmate or more. Such high costs of doing business led to outsize fees that were not consistent with national market rates.


But, in most of these instances, the warden himself was under pressure, imposed by the county where he worked, to make the local jail completely self-sufficient. Thus, what appeared to be a corrupt, venal practice by a rapacious corporation was actually the handiwork of democracy itself.



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