Securus Technologies Helps Stop Crimes From Occurring Inside Jail Facilities

Inside inmate holding facilities yearly, many crimes are being committed. Some of those crimes are committed by inmates against other inmates while some cases involve inmate staff. Through the work of Securus Technologies, more knowledge is being acquired about what is happening behind the walls of the jail.


In one specific case, inmates were acquiring contraband and the involvement of staff were at the front of the case. By listening to recordings of phone calls, the inmates and inmate staff were arrested for the involvement of the contraband inside the jail. The goal in this case was to find the person bringing the items into the jail and to remove the person doing it.


In other cases, jails were finding the increase of drugs and alcohol within the jail walls. The inmates were also caught with cell phone devices and an abundance of money that was being transferred to specific inmates. By listening to phone calls and obtaining search warrants, the inmates involved and others are indicated and charged for the selling of the drugs, bringing them into the jails with other charges.


For more than a decade, the correctional facilities have been learning new ways, new methods and new products to use to keep crime low inside of those facilities. The business is always on the lookout for ways to improve the safety for everyone who is behind those walls.


By assessing each case and forming evidence trails, more people are tried and convicted for the crimes that take place inside the holding facilities. The investigative tools that are used to conduct the investigations help to bring awareness to the crimes. Without the right tools and knowledge, crimes inside of holding facilities will continue to occur. Once each facility is given the right tools, they are able to find a way to put a stop to the crimes happening inside of the jail walls.


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